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I am in the process of renovating a small half-buried house, with a wall made up of rock that oozes all year round, I have channels that evacuate the water outside but by seigning around walls to make my floor hourdis I realized that now the water flowed at the level of seignee... I do not know any more what type of hourdi do, poured, on marmitte, with polystyrene pots? Is there something else? because I'm afraid the water is going through my cope...

When the water infiltrates by the rock, it is necessary on the one hand to let it flow, and especially not to try to "hang" a work on this rock, a floor in the present case.
It is necessary to build a masonry wall in front of this rock, taking care not to hinder the flow of the water, the new floor being supported on this wall, and especially not on the rock. Nothing can be done about the nature and the natural flow of water from a rock that looks like a spring.

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