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Light management in a garden greenhouse

If a greenhouse must be exposed as long as possible to the sun's rays, it happens that in summer in particular, the strength of the radiation becomes harmful to the plants of the greenhouse, although airy it is. It is therefore necessary to attenuate or stop this radiation during the hottest hours in order to prevent the plants from "cooking" behind the windows. It is thus necessary to carry out a fixed artificial shading (white of Spain) or mobile (lifting straws). In addition to these traditional means, modern automated or non-automated shading systems (shade shades) are ideal for protecting greenhouses. Some even provide thermal insulation in winter.

Necessary material

  • White Spain
  • Plasticized opacifying product
  • Paillons
  • Shade cloths

Light management in a garden greenhouse: greenhouse

1. Installation of outdoor shade racks attached to the ridge of the greenhouse. They include pull cords.

Light management in a garden greenhouse: management

2. shading of the greenhouse by internal blinds mounted on spring rollers.

Light management in a garden greenhouse: management

3. Traditional shading of greenhouse glazing with whitewash of Spanish white.

Light management in a garden greenhouse: garden

4. View of the gable of a greenhouse with whitened glass during hot weather. The white then leaves by simply washing the windows.

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