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The rating of the smart thermostat continues to climb, because not only does it control its heating remotely, but also reduce from 20 to 30 \% energy consumption.

put a smart thermostat

Necessary material

  • metre
  • pencil
  • level
  • pliers
  • screwdriver
  • drill
  • bell saw
  • an RJ45 network jack for connection to the Internet box
  • Tado app download for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS)

Difficulty: 2/4
Cost: 249 € (Tado thermostat) or 6.99 € / month (rented for a minimum of 12 months)
Time: 1 hour

Thanks to Tado

In this recent house, the occupants have sought a solution to lower the cost of their energy bill without changing their central heating system to city gas. Among the offers on the market (Nest, Netatmo, Qivivo, Tado...), their choice stopped on the thermostat of the brand Tado. This one has the particularity of being compatible with more than 5000 models of boilers (gas, oil, heat pumps). With an automatic mode, it works in perfect autonomy.
For this, he uses the smartphones GPS of residents to locate their position and determine their presence in the house. It lowers the heating when everyone is gone, and goes back gradually just before their return (an agenda can be established for residents without a smartphone).

Quick installation

The installation takes about half an hour. A video on allows you to follow it step by step.
When ordering, it is however possible to call an authorized electrician to carry out the installation (119 €). Powered by LR6 AAA batteries, the Tado thermostat replaces the existing one and then communicates via the Wi-Fi network through a module to connect to the home Internet box. All settings are accessible from the mobile app, but the device also has a touch surface for simple controls.

Connected functions

After creating an account on the Tado website and registering the product (serial number on the box), the thermostat is permanently connected to its computer servers. In addition to analyzing the presence of residents, it takes into account the weather forecast, the insulation of the house or the characteristics of the boiler to regulate the temperature to the degree. In case of breakdown or malfunction, Tado provides free remote assistance. For the moment, the thermostat is only available on the manufacturer's website.

Installation of the thermostat

remove the old thermostat

  • The connections are very simple to perform.
  • Turn off the electricity before any intervention.
  • Then simply remove the housing from the old thermostat.

piercing the housing of the box

  • Drivers are pushed behind the plasterboard.
  • Mark the square of the new housing and drill the housing of the flush-mounting box with a hole saw Ø 67 mm.

insert the wall box into the wall

  • Remove the covers on the back of the box to allow the wires to pass through, then insert the flush-mounting box into the bulkhead and tighten the caliper screws.

connection of drivers

  • Connect the conductors to the thermostat terminal block (phase, neutral, ground and lead wire) following the wiring instructions in the manufacturer's installation guide.

fixing the thermostat plate

  • Position the thermostat to level, then tighten the screws in the flush-mounting box to permanently secure the thermostat board to the wall.

put the batteries in the case

  • Insert the three batteries (supplied with the thermostat) in the front panel, then fix it on its mounting plate by simply clipping.

System connection

establish the connection between the case and the wifi

  • Connect the "Tado Bridge" box to the Internet box (RJ45 cable supplied), then connect it to the mains.
  • When all three lights are white and fixed, the connection is established.

check the touch controls

  • Check on the thermostat that the touch controls are working.
  • This panel allows you to manually raise or lower the temperature.

Optimized heating management

thermostat application

  • To optimize thermostat operation, everyone in the household with a mobile device must install the application and log in.

manage the heating remotely

  • The Tado application allows to manage the heating even at a distance.

people present in the house

  • The names of the absent residents appear at the bottom right of the screen, and those present at the bottom left.

make the settings of the application

  • Slide your finger on the screen to open the settings menu.
  • Select either the "Auto" mode (Tado manages the heating) or make the settings yourself.

Tado application

  • In English, the thermostat menu is still very simple.
  • It is possible to set different temperatures depending on the day, the night, the weekend, etc.

D System Info

heating economy

In the settings of the application Tado, it is possible to visualize its savings by providing the data of his last heating bill to enable him to improve the calculations of his energy costs.
By sliding your finger from left to right at the bottom of the screen, view at a glance the savings made at the euro cent!

It is possible to use the Tado smart thermostat without smartphone.
For that, it is enough to connect on the site of the manufacturer (, to click on "Login" at the top right of the page, then to enter the identifiers of his account.
On the interface that appears, you must then select the icon in the form of a toothed wheel "Settings" to access the parameters and program the heating.