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The sales mandate is between a selling owner and a real estate agency. It is a contract that allows the principal to entrust the sale of his property to the agent is a real estate agent. This mandate exists in three forms, simple, exclusive, semi-exclusive. Explanations.

The agency mandate, general

Agency mandate sets the price of the property for sale, a point to discuss with the real estate agent knowing by definition the requirements of the market. The mandate also determines his commission which is around 7% of the selling price as well as the conditions of his remuneration. This commission is paid once the property sold and can be paid either by the seller or by the buyer. It can also be shared. Points to fix before the act of sale that is done in front of notary.

The simple mandate

This is the form of least binding mandate. VYou can entrust the sale of your property to several agencies to stimulate competition and especially you reserve the opportunity to sell for yourself. In practice, however, real estate agencies knowing they do not have the exclusivity of your sale can be much less motivated.

The exclusive mandate

Through the exclusive mandate as the name suggests, you entrust the sale of your property to an agency only, that is to say exclusively. You implicitly give up selling by yourself and to call other real estate agencies. This formula is very common because its advantage lies in the motivation of the real estate agent who is sure to earn a commission, will make every effort to sell quickly.

To know.
If, however, you find a buyer yourself for the duration of the exclusive mandate, usually 3 months, it must necessarily go through the agency to which the commission must be paid either by you or by the buyer. Often unforeseen data to negotiate immediately to find an agreement that satisfies all parties.

The semi-exclusive mandate

It's a compromise between the two previous mandates. On the one hand, you appoint an agency and on the other hand you have the freedom to sell the property yourself without any commission to the agency if you find a buyer by your own means, unless a clause in the contract states. In this case, it is a reduced commission.

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