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Like air / air heat pumps, air conditioners are subject to strict regulations that require owners to have their equipment serviced at least once every 5 years. This requirement is designed to detect refrigerant leaks and improve the energy performance of your home.

Air conditioner inspection: what does the law say?

According to Decree No. 2010-349 of March 31, 2010, reversible air conditioners and heat pumps with a cooling capacity exceeding 12 kW (2 kg refrigerant) are expected to be inspected. The law requires that this inspection be carried out by an independent control system which has no connection with the manufacturer or installer of your air conditioner. Attention, this inspection has absolutely nothing to do with the maintenance contract and it is mandatory that you have or have not signed a maintenance contract with your installer. According to the texts, it must be done at least every 5 years for existing systems and one year after installation for new systems.

Why make mandatory the inspection of air conditioners?

As part of the Grenelle environment, air conditioners and heat pumps air / air have been placed under close surveillance because they contain refrigerant very harmful to your health and also for the planet. Inspection of air conditioners has become mandatory to detect the presence of possible leaks or prevent their occurrence. The purpose of this inspection is also to reduce energy consumption by ensuring the proper operation of the devices. Be aware that even if you do not sign a maintenance contract, you must have your air conditioner serviced at least once every 5 years by a certified, independent, certified technician.

What is mandatory inspection of air conditioners?

During the mandatory inspection of your air conditioner, in addition to looking for any liquid leaks, the technician will take care to study the performance your equipment but also its dimensions in relation to the cooling needs of your home.
he also check the filters and advise you on possible improvements. If he judges that your equipment is not adapted or not powerful enough, he can also propose you other solutions for a possible replacement. If the configuration of your home allows it, the technician can advise you to go to another model of air conditioner. Once the inspection is done, a report will be written and submitted a month after the inspection. This report should be kept for 10 years.

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