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In the section "installing a balneotherapy shower cubicle" it is advisable to glue the exhaust connection when the cab is mounted. My bathroom is very small, I would not have room to do this and I risk breaking glass walls. Is there a flexible connection for sewage disposal that is not sticky, is waterproof and keeps the slope? Thanks for your precious advice.

There are flexible connections, but they are not always appreciated by professionals. On the one hand, these connections are fluted, which helps to retain impurities. On the other hand, the risks of zero slope, or even against specific slope and stagnation of water are relatively important. It is precisely this system that is used in the article Install a balneo shower enclosure that you mention.
A sufficiently precise pre-assembly of the shower bung, even in a context of lack of space, should make it possible to respect then a conventional implementation, that is to say, to paste after the installation of the cabin a connection of rigid evacuation.

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