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The term garret can qualify several elements of a roof. In all cases, it remains associated with the structure of a broken roof and the architectural trend that follows, developed by François Musart, former king architect. Focus on the attics of a roof, and what they cover.

Attic lounge under the roof

Attic lounge under the roof

What is an attic roof?

Attic roof, or attic of a roof, is a roof of which each of the slopes is divided into two slopes: a low slope in the upper part and a steeper slope in the lower part. The terms mansard roof or broken roof. The two slopes of an attic roof can be built with different materials, or in the same material, depending on your aesthetic preferences.

The attic roof name comes from the architect of King Louis XIV, François Musart who was a forerunner of this type of architecture and who popularized this roof construction.

Why create an attic roof?

The main advantage of this roof form is that it allows the development of the attic in a living room. The attic roof allows the creation of a new floor, and gain a few extra square meters without encroaching on the ground. The only difference compared to a conventional floor is the ceiling height: an attic roof offers a volume of height less than a conventional floor.

In the context of the construction of garrets, it is imperative to consult and check the local urban plan. In this one is noted the maximum height defined for the buildings of a district. An attic roof can earn a few extra square meters but they must not exceed the limit defined in the local town plan.

By extension, the term garret can also define the room or the living room arranged under a broken roof.

Little more: the attic window

The term garret can also and finally qualify the skylight that is often found on an attic roof. This window is usually built in the lower part of the slope of a roof.

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