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The manual shutters are characterized by a vertical opening by hand. Small and economical compared to electric shutters, these models offer good performance in thermal insulation.

Characteristics of manual shutters

These rolling shutters open vertically with a strap, a crank or a direct pull system. From an insulation point of view, PVC or aluminum models are the most reliable.

The security can be optimized thanks to the installation of an anti-tearing and / or anti-picking device. The manual shutter can also be associated with an alarm system to limit the risk of intrusion.

Different opening systems

Manual roller shutters can therefore open in three ways.

  • The strap

Opening with a strap is the least expensive system. Its use is easy but the wear of the strap is faster, especially in the areas of friction. On the downside, there is also a risk that the flap "falls" too quickly if we did not hold the strap well. The latter can also get dirty easily because of frequent handling.

  • The crank

Opening with a crank is probably the most common, but you often have to use both hands to open and close the system. The advantage of this model lies in the ability to stop the shutter in the middle of its race. As for the weak points: the opening takes more time, the repairs are rather restrictive and the wear is accelerated by jolts.

  • Direct draw

Finally, the opening through a direct draw is appreciated for the ease of implementation. It should be emphasized, however, that this is a system that is not suitable if the component is rather heavy. Indeed, the draw is done entirely by hand and the opening or closing would be too tedious if too much weight of the shutter. This device is nevertheless simple to install and once in place, it opens either from the inside or the outside.

Setting up: renovation or new construction

The installation of manual shutters differs for a renovation and for a construction. In the first case, the shutters are integrated into the existing structure and there is usually no space to accommodate them. A safe must be installed either indoors or outdoors. The process is simple but the result is not always very aesthetic.

For a new construction, the roller shutter can be recessed perfectly in the wall. The structure is an integral part of the building and goes completely unnoticed. The result is inevitably more aesthetic.

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