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How to make a mezzanine: dimensions, load, supports, anchoring, materials?

The question you ask is wide and it is not possible to provide a precise answer without knowing in particular the dimensions of your room. It is important to take into account the ceiling height of your room and the distance that you will have to respect between the mezzanine and the ceiling. It is good, for example, to keep at least 2.20 m / 2.30 m between the floor and the mezzanine if you want to maintain normal circulation in the room. Similarly, the floor of the mezzanine must be at least 1.50 m from the ceiling of the room if you do not want to create a feeling of suffocation. Finally, the surface of the mezzanine, itself, must be of the order of 2 x 4 m, especially if you intend to place a bed there. The structure can be steel or wood. In this case, you can provide structural beams 15 x 15 cm for the pillars, 8 x 23 cm for the peripheral supports (arranged horizontally), joists 20 x 7 cm (spaced 50 cm) and a floor panels (CTBH or OSB) 22 mm thick. All this gives a load capacity of over 100 kg / m2. Of course these data are purely indicative.

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