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With the end of year celebrations, this is an opportunity to create original table decorations. Simple to make, candles provide a fertile ground to stimulate the imagination of both the youngest and the greatest.

how to make one's own candles

Practical advice

  • Keep the remains of wax in sealed plastic containers or bags to keep them intact for future use.
  • With hot wax, the colors are lighter than when cooled, especially with coloring pencils.
  • When not in use, protect candles from light, heat and moisture.

The ideal is to use the traditional beeswax. This natural material does not emit any smoke, only a pleasant fragrance. Moreover, it flows little and burns slowly. Sometimes sold in breads, it is more often found in embossed plates, deformable and cut at will, it is enough to wrap on themselves or between them to obtain compact forms.
● The paraffin, more widely used for industrial manufacturing, is a modern alternative. Formulated with mineral wax, it is generally associated with 10 or 20% stearin: an addition intended as much to limit the smoke as to fluidify the material to color it. Presented as a crystal powder or in blocks (and as a straw for stearin), paraffin is one of the most economical waxes. The gel wax, which is a derivative, allows to reproduce the appearance of liquids, especially gaseous (beer, sparkling wine...) thanks to its inclusions of air. Easier to work, it is marketed in pots and available in different colors. Unlike natural leaf wax, these two substitutes heat up to be worked.
● The highlights, braided white linen, are sold in pelota. As to colorants (in pencils or powder) and species (essential oils, anti-tobacco scents...), they are incorporated into the wax as soon as it begins to melt.

Molded or rolled candles?

In the first case, it is recommended to work at bath. Here, the gel wax is placed in a first container (for example a canning jar) bathed in a pot of water that has been heated. The electric plate is set to "medium". It is necessary to avoid overheating the preparation because past a certain temperature, the wax ignites. At the same time, we take the opportunity to prepare the mold: in this case, a glass in which we install an aquatic decor. To accentuate the effect of air bubbles, just quickly beat the gel-wax with a rod when it liquefies (melting point at 90° C). It remains to pour the translucent preparation into the glass, after having centered the wick. By cooling, the compact wax traps it with all its decor.
● Another process: thewinding embossed plates to create candles of more conventional cylindrical shapes. The leaves are rolled on themselves, after placing the wick along the starting edge. Pressing firmly, it is fixed to the wax while gradually forming the cylinder. Be careful not to leave space between the different sheet thicknesses.

Wax candles

wax candle do it yourself

The wax offers many decorative possibilities: very malleable, its colors can vary to infinity to create characters and objects of the most sympatic.

Fix the base of the wick

fix with a bobeche the base of the wick of a candle

With a wax, fix the base of the wick in the glass: dry, it can remain vertical.
Very gently, then pour a little fine sand at the bottom of the container.

Sand and seashell for the decoration of a candle

candle decorated with sand and shell

Seashells complete the decor.
Arrange them around the wick, but always at a distance.
When the candle finishes burning, the flame will not reach them.

Heat the gel-wax

use gel-wax to make candles

Using a spoon, take gel-wax from its pot and heat it in a bain-marie. Arrived at 90° C, stirred with a rod until the appearance of bubbles that will complete the illusion.

Fix the decor of a gel candle

arrange the decorations of a DIY gel candle

Fill a third of the glass with liquefied gel-wax.
Without waiting too much, arrange the new elements of the decor.
While cooling, the wax thickens and the fish can remain in suspense.

Keeping the wick of a homemade candle

hold the wick of a candle

Softened by heat, the wick loses its rigidity.
Hold it with pliers and two sticks (do not forget to cut it last), then finish filling with wax.

Make candles out of beeswax

candle with beeswax DIY

Other method: the embossed leaves of beeswax with their choice of colors.
Note: small differences in shape, these vary from the simple cylinder to the nascent cone.

Plating and gripping the wick

make yourself a candle with beeswax

To refine the shape of the candle, we cut the wax sheet with scissors.
The wick, aligned on one of the sides, must be firmly pressed and tightened turn after turn.

Guarantee homogeneity

Tip to make a candle with beeswax

At each turn, compress strongly.
To guarantee the homogeneity of the candle, no space must remain between the thicknesses.
The finished cylinder, cut the excess wick.

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