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Gifted with their hands and ideas in their heads, Claire Protin and Lucas Berbesson manage the participatory platform they created: The DIY Factory.

Claire Protin and Lucas Berbesson in their workshop

Lucas Berbesson and Claire Protin in their workshop

A year ago, Claire Protin and Lucas Berbesson launched a participatory platform: The DIY Factory. This non-profit site - there is no advertising - puts online tutorials in videos of Do It Yourself (DIY). A pedagogical way to learn to build with wood, to make objects with recycle 'or to have tips and ideas for cooking. For simplicity, La Fabrique DIY represents " everything you can do with your hands ».

Making a ping pong table by La Fabrique DIY

Find explanations of the tutorial and make your own mini ping pong table.

Since the school benches, the idea of ​​creating a participatory site trots in their heads. However, their respective studies do not leave enough time for this project. Claire Protin, 26, graduated from a business school while Lucas Berbesson graduated from an engineering school.
They started from scratch to produce this platform. They have absolutely imagined everything, everything made, everything coded. These two brave enthusiasts manage their site next to their work. Their task is to moderate the content proposed by the makers while trying to keep a friendly editorial line. Autonomous, each creator can share his know-how if he has a video and an explanatory text.
Claire and Lucas also make videos and teach us to make or transform objects. Lucas's family also takes part in the shootings. Father and son work with wood and many other materials. When one of the two creators makes, the other films.
For the future, the winning duo wants to continue developing their site and producing new DIY videos.

Find all the videos of La Fabrique DIY on their Youtube page.

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