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Straight Line Masking Tape (tesa)

Versatile Masking Adhesive for Conventional Paint Applications

The Hide Straight Line ribbon provides sharp edges during simple painting.
The flat structure of the adhesive tape provides not only sharp edges, but also a limit with extremely precise painting.

Hide Straight Tesa® lines

Hide Straight Tesa® lines

Ribbon Features Hide Straight Lines

  • Effective adhesive power on a large number of surfaces during 4 days
  • Detachable without leaving a mark during 4 days
  • Solvent free
  • Product comprising 55% renewable raw materials

using advice

On very rough substrates, the adhesive must be firmly squeezed. If we use two colors, we start by painting the main color of the support, just at the edge.
This ribbon makes it possible to fill the small cavities which can exist between the ribbon and the support, with the painting so that the second color can not be introduced there. This produces perfectly straight painted edges.

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