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On a breeze block wall, it is easy to apply mortar and float to give it a smooth and even appearance.

coat with cement mortar

nail vertical wooden wedges

Nail all meters of vertical wooden blocks of 17 x 27 mm section with concrete points.

slightly moisten the wall

After preparing the cement mortar in a mixing tank, slightly moisten the wall.

apply mortar

Using mortar and round trowel, apply mortar between cleats.

set the mortar with the help of a mason ruler

From bottom to top, lay the mortar deposited using a mason's rule, resting on the cleats.

smooth the mortar with the hollow plastic trowel

Using circular motions, smooth the mortar with the cellular plastic trowel.
Proceed from the bottom up.

remove the concrete points

With a hammer, remove the concrete points and carefully remove the wedges.

remove the shims and smooth

Fill the empty space by throwing cement mortar with a trowel.
Spread and smoothly summarily.

smooth for a perfect finish

Smooth again with the trowel then pass a slightly damp sponge for a better finish.

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