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Here are the four steps to prepare your mortar after having correctly dosed.

Tips for mortar preparation

Make the right mix for its mortar and concrete according to the work to be done

Find the System D table of compositions for concretes and mortars prepared differently for foundations, lintels, brick or block assemblies, coatings or grouting, etc.

The 4 steps to prepare your mortar:

pour granules and cement into a container

In a container, pour the granules (sand) and the binder (here cement).

dry mix of cement and sand

Mix dry cement and masonry sand thoroughly.

pour water into the cement-sand mixture

Make a crater in the middle and gradually pour in clear water.

get a pasty consistency

Mix with shovel or trowel to obtain a pasty consistency.

Video Instruction: How To Mix Mortar - DIY At Bunnings