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What is the most efficient material: the breeze block or the brick?

Brick or breeze block, what to choose for the construction of the house?
The cinderblock has the advantage of the price; he is:

  • easy and quick to implement;
  • easy to get close to home (you can even make it yourself)
  • it has a favorable energy balance;
  • it is natural: sand + cement + water;
  • it lends itself well to a reported insulation.
  • Finally, in its version "rectified block" it can be mounted "thin joint" as brick terracotta Monomur.

The hollow brick, the Monomur brick (alveolate), the Aerated concrete are more expensive. They are more difficult to implement but they are especially more insulating (Monomur 30 cm: no need for insulation).

The coefficient of thermal resistance R for 20 cm thick is equal to:

0.20 for the blockwork; 0.75 or more than 1 for dimpled brick; 3 (in 37.5) for the Monomur brick; 2.90 for cellular concrete.

If you add 10 cm of glass wool to a breeze block, the coefficient goes to 2.5529.

Do not forget that 30 cm of Monomur or cellular concrete equal 1.40 m concrete or 3.50 m of granite!

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