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If the parental room can be ventilated and refined, those of the children need a space at the same time studious and playful. How to calculate the area dedicated to each use?

Good measures to furnish an adult or children's room

Measures for an adult bedroom

That's what you need to know before renovating your room.
The parents' room is a place where you only spend a little time: minimal dimensions are enough.
Objective 1 is to place the bed so that it is possible to go around. One of the walls can be occupied by a wardrobe 60 cm deep.
Leave a space of 60 to 75 cm between the bed is the cabinet.

Measures for a child's room

In his room, the child plays and works.
Up to 8/10 years, give preference to a free space of at least 4 m² in front of the window to spread the toys.
Beyond this age, install an office in the best-lit space. A panel of 80 x 180 cm is a minimum.

Beds: standard measures to know when designing a bedroom

• Cradle: 80 x 40 cm
• Crib with bed and umbrella bed: 125 x 65 cm
• Child's bed: 190 x 90 cm
• Bunk beds: 100 cm between the two beds
• Camp Bed: 190 x 70 cm
• Single adult bed: 200 x 90 cm (minimum space between two single beds: 50 cm)
• Double bed: 200 x 120 cm (tight) 200 x 140 cm (current) 200 x 160 cm (comfortable) 200 x 200 cm (large format)

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