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Distributed mechanical ventilation - VMR - is an air extractor that allows the circulation of rooms to live to those of service. However, this ventilation system can only be installed as part of a home renovation in a specific environment and can not be used in new construction.

Distributed mechanical ventilation, its principle

The starting principle of the VMR is identical to that of the VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation): it evacuates stale and polluted air service parts out of the house and then inject fresh air. But its function does not stop there. The VMR will direct the healthy air of the living rooms, entered by adjustable air vents automatically to the service rooms that are equipped of individual aerators. Aerators can run intermittently or permanently.

The air renewal is done on a regular basis. However the needs vary according to the room. Indeed, the air of a kitchen must be renewed between 6 to 10 times per hour and a bathroom between 10 to 15 times.

Distributed mechanical ventilation, its advantages, its disadvantages

The VMR is relatively simple to install because it does not require big jobs. During a house renovation, if controlled mechanical ventilation is too complicated to set up, the VMR can be a good alternative. In addition, the investment cost is lower and this technology requires less power to operate (5 to 9 W). Its maintenance is also easy, a simple regular cleaning of the filters is necessary to optimize its performances.

However, this equipment can be unsightly and noisier, depending on the model chosen (some emit less than 30 dB). It is not possible to install in a new housing because it is not regulatory.

Distributed mechanical ventilation, practical issues

A simple VMR can to be controlled from a switch, ideal in the toilet. A more sophisticated VMR consists of an automatic moisture detection system and equips a bathroom and kitchen.

The air extractor is installed on a ceiling or wall and opposite to a fresh air intake and must not be connected to an air conditioning, heating or chimney.

If you want to equip your home, it is necessary that each wet room includes a distributed mechanical ventilation device costs between 400 and 600 €.

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