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I want to pour a screed (product: Hard screed) on a surface of 34 m2. How to do?

The screed must be laid on concrete only. It will be 10 to 30 mm and will be water repellent.

Take a marker 1 m from the finished floor (including coating) with a vial or laser level; then put a waterproof and insulating film; then place cleats on mortar pads with bubble level control and then "pull" the screed with a large ruler (wooden battens). Work zigzag to spread the mortar.

Composition: cement mortar CEM II: 20 bags (32.5 R) of 35 kg for 1m3 of sand and 300 l of water,

either in reduction for 1 bag: 2 buckets of water (20 l) and 6 buckets of dry sand. Put on gloves

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