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The mezzanine bedroom seduces more and more because it frees space on the floor and brings a very pleasant cocooning spirit. However, we must think carefully before putting it in place to create a functional room, warm and where the decor is adapted. Adults will find a little privacy and teens will have a sense of independence.

A mezzanine bedroom

A mezzanine bedroom

Norms and constraints for a mezzanine

Installing a mezzanine bedroom can not be improvised. We must respect certain constraints in terms of dimensions and of safety standards to avoid any accident.

If your mezzanine is already existing, check that ceiling height at least 1.20 m to install sleeping space. The ideal is to have a ceiling height of 1.90 m to be able to stand up and move freely. We must also respect a height of 2 m below the mezzanine to be able to arrange the space. A surface of 7m² is enough to create a room or 5 m² to simply install a bed.

The stairway must also meet certain safety standards and have a minimum width of 60 cm. To install a mezzanine bedroom, it is recommended to close it with partitions to avoid noise or kitchen odors.

Reserved area

It is interesting to install a mezzanine bedroom to free up floor space, create a little privacy and take advantage of a high ceiling.

If an open mezzanine is perfect to welcome guests for a night, for a daily bed, it is better to privilege a closed mezzanine by partitions. If the mezzanine is very spacious, it is more than a trend to install a master suite with more sleeping, a desk, a bathroom and a dressing room. Parents have their own refuge and keep their privacy. A mezzanine bedroom is also an opportunity to offer a teenager a little independence. For the youngest, it is not recommended to sleep in a mezzanine for obvious security issues related to the stairs or to the ladder which provide access to the next level.

Furniture and decoration for a mezzanine

Deco, everything depends on the configuration of your mezzanine bedroom. A spacious mezzanine offers as many possibilities as a room on the floor. You can install the furniture you want. Attention all the same to the load when it is about a mezzanine suspended. Try then to favor light materials. If the mezzanine is attic, it is better to focus on low furniture that slips everywhere and "futon" type beds that are flush with the ground. Also avoid decorating objects that are too bulky and dark colors that reinforce the feeling of suffocation. Multiply the accent lighting and Zen decor.

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