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I built two years ago. Since, several micro-cracks appear on the plaster: many horizontal (especially one between 0,5 and 1mm in frontage, length 4 meters between the berries, one sees it also in table); many also in pinion, hardly visible according to the weather the more it is dry and hot, the more we see them. There is a staircase in one corner, it is small and follows 3 or 4 agglos stairs. I also have cracks in the plaster inside (horizontal) that appear everywhere in the DRC (and at the head of the wall brick / plastered floor / floor slabs). I also have cracks at the supports on the compression slab of the garage (floor slab polystyrene) and a false level on this same floor of 3cm on 1.5m of length. Following the "advice" of my master, I had not taken any damage! To take an expert would be my responsibility and the "defects" do not put the house in jeopardy I think. The craftsmen still provided decennial insurance. What do you recommend?

Here is a new illustration of what happens when you do not contract Damage Work insurance, which is mandatory since the Spinetta Act. You have been badly advised by the manufacturer! Check THE RESPONSE to a similar question where case law has been raised for the same problem on our site.

It is possible to assign your constructor.

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