The Content Of The Article:

Mineral wools

For which insulation:

Phonic and thermal.

Insulation type:

Traditional. Mineral.


Fibrous. Based on volcanic rocks for rock wool. Based on sand or recycled glass for glass wool.


Hold the air in its fibers to create the insulation. Permeability to water vapor. Fire resistance. Resistance to moisture. Mechanical resistance to compression. Recyclable.

Degree of insulation:

Very good.


Panels, rolls, bulk. Rock wool shells and glass wool strips and beads to insulate the pipes.

Uses for the house:

Attic. Floating slabs and floors. Walls. Soils. Roofing. Piping.


Pose relatively easy. Very common product, easy to obtain and affordable. Very good behavior in time.


Possibility of developing irritations by contact during handling.

Video Instruction: Gamma Meccanica - mineral wool production lines