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Mobile cooling solution and effective for travel or office, mini air conditioners seduce by their portable character. Definition, operation, conditions of use... find in this article all the useful information to know about mini air conditioners.

What is a mini air conditioner?

The mini air conditioner is a auxiliary air conditioning system, mainly chosen for its characteristics portable and mobile.

It is indeed a perfect way of refreshing when traveling by car, used in camping or on a desk...

This device, particularly easy to set up, is very easy to use. However, it does not have the function of replacing the air conditioning system of a house. It is used only for the purpose to bring a little freshness to a space with a small volume.

In addition, mini air conditioners are used over a short period of time and can not operate continuously.

Principle of operation of the mini air conditioner

The mini air conditioner can be powered through cigarette lighter from a car or plugged into a building:

  • 12V socket on the cigarette lighter
  • adapter for 220 V household connection

It is enough here fill the tank of the Mini Clim with water and wait a few minutes before turning on the device.

We can then adjust the power of the system as needed. Under very hot conditions it is usually possible to add ice to this water.

The ambient hot air is here blown through an absorber soaked in water, the evaporation of the latter inducing a cooling of the air.

The advantages and disadvantages of the mini air conditioner

  • The main advantage of the mini air conditioner is therefore its very great mobility.
  • There are mini air conditioners at very low prices: for a thirty euros.
  • The system does not require installation work (no need to implement here).

However, it is worth remembering that a mini air conditioner will not be as effective as a conventional air conditioner.

To note: the motor noise of the portable mini air conditioner remains very present and it is impossible to use in large rooms.

Warning: the use of a mini air conditioner in the long term consumes a lot of energy compared to a conventional air conditioning.

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