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To protect your plants all year round from temperature variations, a mini greenhouse can be useful. It allows you to take care of fragile plants that require special attention, but also to protect them from cold, frost and pests. The diversity of garden mini greenhouses on the market can meet the needs of each for a lower cost.

Mini garden greenhouse available on CDiscount

Mini garden greenhouse available on CDiscount

What are the uses of a mini greenhouse?

The mini greenhouses of garden make it possible to prepare in the winter the seedlings of flower, vegetables and other plants needing to be protected during the cold periods to be able to develop. This is the case for example of certain aromatic plants or flowers that have specific needs such as orchids or bonsai. It is possible to take care of these plants which have requirements in terms of heat and light by opting for models of mini greenhouses of heated garden with lamp.
Mini greenhouses have the advantage of regulate the hydration of plants because the soil absorbs the necessary water and lets out the surplus. Thus, plants can grow without fear of cold, frost and insects.
Moreover, because of their small size, mini greenhouses are easy to assemble and move.

If you opt for a classic greenhouse mini model, without heating, it is important to orient it well to give the plants that are there a maximum of sun possible.

If you are a passionate gardener and plant lover, you can also choose a mini indoor greenhouse, which will allow you to protect them even more from the cold!

The different characteristics of mini greenhouses

There are a multitude of kinds of mini greenhouses. It can then take different forms: on feet, suspended, vertical, it adapts to your needs and your space.
For a small vegetable garden, the mini greenhouse of garden can be without door with reinforcements forming a rigid tube. It is the ideal structure for growing a vegetable garden. On the other hand, for tomato plants, vertical mini-greenhouses will be more suitable.

It is possible to find mini garden greenhouses of this type for a twenty euros for standard models. For other types of more elaborate mini-greenhouses with a stronger canvas, shading net option or for greenhouses, an average price of 50 to 120 euros.

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