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Practical, inexpensive and, of course, mini: the mini-oven settles in small kitchens and small spaces to help occasional cooks. Discovery.

What is a mini-oven?

A mini oven appears and operates in the same way as a traditional oven. The difference? It is smaller, with a cavity that can range from 10 to 55 liters. Ideal for reduced spaces. It offers a minimum of two levels of cooking, and some models can offer up to ten levels. A mini-oven can be natural convection or rotating heat allowing the cooking of several dishes at the same time.

Being smaller than the traditional oven, and not allowing the same levels of cooking, the mini-oven is often available with accessories improving its features such as a spit, a pizza plate or a pan to recover the juice of the meats.

Advantages and disadvantages of mini-ovens

The main advantage of the mini-oven is that it takes up little space. It is ideal for small spaces and small kitchens. If you cook little, and especially little oven, the mini-oven is sufficient. Another advantage is that it has the merit of being accessible and cheap. It is used as extra oven, replacement or for occasional use.

However, the mini-oven does not allow quality cooking. It does not bring the same efficiency as a conventional oven. Another major drawback: the mini oven presents high risk of burns. Indeed, thermal safety is less intense than on traditional ovens. The glass can heat up to 150° C, and the heat also affects the sides and top of the oven. Thus, during and after operation, it can reach excessive temperatures, dangerous if you have children or for yourself.

Maintenance of a mini-oven

It exists as for traditional ovens, mini-ovens with walls in catalysis. This material retains fat that is then burned at high temperatures. More economical but longer maintenance, you will also find mini-ovens that wash by hand. To do this, it is advisable to unplug and clean the walls with a damp sponge and dishwashing liquid, simply.

Warning: if the interior is raw sheet metal, one of the most attractive mini-ovens, it is disadvised to use household products specific to the oven, too aggressive. The ideal is to clean after each use with dishwashing liquid.

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