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I do not find on the net the regulation concerning the semi-buried garbage containers distance by contribution to a private property a private access and the pose of this (system Molok). What's your opinion?

I do not think there is any specific regulation for this kind of situation.
The decree of 02/04/97 relating to the "general requirements applicable to classified installations for the protection of the environment subject to declaration under the heading n° 2710:" Reclaimed waste for the collection of bulky materials or products sorted and brought by the public "provided for a distance of 2 m between the containers and the limit of a private property.It was unfortunately repealed in 2012, and this provision disappeared from the new decree...
The only applicable regulation could be a 1.40 m (1.50 m according to other sources) respect between the property line and the containers, in order to leave a sufficiently wide passage to pedestrians, strollers, wheelchair users rolling.
Consultation with the relevant stakeholders (municipality, hygiene and road services, etc.) is still the best solution.

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