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Here is a tip that I found and tested this morning! And the result is miraculous and very satisfying! In the morning, you shower and when you leave your shower, the mirror is full of steam! Either air you, or you wait a few moments, or you wipe the mirror... Nothing very practical all that... In short, here is the miraculous solution !!: You boil a mixture of hot water and white vinegar (1-2 euros the bottle), in a kettle if you have one (in addition you descale the resistance of it in passing !!;)) !! Attention, this mixture, once heated feels relatively strong, so avoid doing it in your living room (perso me, I heat it in the garage!). You take a clean, dry cloth and pour a little of this mixture on it still hot. Put a few drops of dishwashing product on your mirror and rub it energetically! Then you let it dry all over and you're done! This morning, I took the test mirror and I placed it near the other 2 mirrors present above the double sinks, I took my shower and, on leaving, it was the only mirror without steam on the three !!!

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