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If you want to put a compost in your garden, you must absolutely respect certain rules and avoid certain errors that could harm you or your compost.

Errors to avoid with compost

Errors to avoid with compost

Mistake # 1: Install the compost too far or too close to the house

To begin, you must choose the location of your compost. And the choice of this location can give you a hard time because you will have to deal with different requirements:

  • Do not install your compost too far from homeyou must be able to access it easily because you will often have elements to add, every day and in any weather;
  • Do not install it not too close to the house because when temperatures rise, you can be quickly inconvenienced by the odors of decomposition that emanate from the compost;
  • Think of avoid nuisances for your neighborhood, also avoid installing your compost on the edge of property if you have neighbors, they could also be inconvenienced by the smell.

Mistake # 2: Install the compost in a place that can fill with water

While compost does not fear a certain amount of moisture, avoid installing your compost bowl-shaped placebecause this place will quickly fill with water on rainy days, this water will end up stagnating and you will suffer the inconveniences related to decay of organic matter make up your compost, such as odors, insect invasion, etc. So put your compost away from the rain and do not install it in a bowl.

Mistake # 3: Compose the wrong elements

To get a compost worthy of the name, you do not have to use only organic matter namely peelings of your fruits and vegetables, paper, cardboard, chimney ash, dead leaves, cut grass, etc. On the other hand other elements must imperatively be avoided, under penalty of polluting or rendering your compost unusable. For example, avoid the contents of your vacuum cleaner's bag, cat litter, plastic, synthetic materials, newspapers and magazines, and any other coated paper or document, plants with their roots that could push back over the surface. compost, as well as all plants that may have been treated with chemicals.

Mistake # 4: Make a compost pile in the open

In theory, it is possible to make compost by creating a heap in the open air. In practice, it is inadvisable to do so because you risk not only attracting insectsbut also other animals such as rodents, but you will also expose to cats in the neighborhood or home, who will be tempted to do their needs. Similarly, this pile will be exposed to rain, wind and sunThis may prevent your compost from breaking down soundly. Thus, it is recommended to use a bin provided for this purposethat you can either buy or make yourself, and that will allow your compost to become usable faster.

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