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Sliding, adjustments, orientation, cutting formats... the miter saw of Elktra Beckum on the test stand.

Miter saw


Reference: KGS 255
Suggested price: 399 Euros
Absorbed power: 1300 W
Speed: 5,500 rpm
Blade diameter: 210 mm
Bore of blade: 30 mm
Number of teeth: 20
Slide movement: 165 mm
Angular adjustment of the table: 2x47°
Tilt saw head: 45° left
Cutting width 90° / 45°: 255 mm / 177 mm
Depth of cut 90° / 45°: 60 mm / 30 mm
Table: 437 x 272 mm
Weight: 14.6 kg
Equipment: delivered without accessories.

In use

Getting started

The handle in the classic position in the saw axis, allows effortless maneuvering of the descent but also of the sliding of the sawing head.
The descent release button falls just below the thumb and the settings (angular and tilt) are accurate. The base offers good stability and small
rubber pads act as anti-slip.


The rotation of the angular adjustment has a lock in notches, disengaged at the touch of a button. The tilting maneuver is a bit more restrictive with the handle to be tightened with each change. The cut is precise and the possibility of grooving can also be used to make assemblies mid-wood.

Sound level

The average 96 dB (A) requires wearing acoustic protection.


Very complete, with advice on use and maintenance (example: blade change).

Guarantee: 2 years.


  • Front-to-back sliding system provided by slides mounted on bearings.
  • By combining the sliding and adjustment of the depth of cut, you can make grooves but also assemblages mid-wood, by multiplying the parallel cuts.

The lessers

  • This "small" model has many assets, but for the price, a presser to block the piece to be debit (accessory) would be welcome.
  • Maneuvering the orientation of the head is controlled by an inconvenient grip.

Our opinion

A precise and fast machine, well favored by its sliding system of the sawing head. Cutting capacity is sufficient for routine landscaping work, and only a few sections of lumber are beyond its reach. An ideal tool for debiting serial parts.

Video Instruction: Metabo KGS 255 Ferăstrău cu glisare panza de 210mm