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Whether monobloc or split, the mobile air conditioner is very easy to live with. It is easy to install, use and follow you in every room of the house. Rather cheap, the mobile air conditioner is less efficient than a fixed model.

Monobloc mobile air conditioner

Monobloc mobile air conditioner

Why choose a mobile air conditioner?

As its name suggests, a mobile air conditioner is an air conditioner that moves. It is perfect for summer use because you can use it at night in your room and the day in your living room or office for example. Usually mounted on wheels or to put directly on the ground, it is very easy to move and simply plugs into an electrical outlet. Its installation does not require any work and it is possible to use it immediately.
Just leave a window ajar to facilitate the passage of the evacuation duct. Be aware that the monobloc mobile air conditioner will be more noisy A split mobile air conditioner, since it does not have an outdoor unit, encloses the compressor, the expansion valve, the evaporator and the condenser within the same unit. Also note that the room where you install your mobile air conditioner must be equipped with a window to evacuate hot air to the outside.

Where to place a mobile air conditioner?

Although it is supposed to be installed anywhere, the mobile air conditioner does not fit anywhere. It is perfect for occasional use to cool rooms between 20 and 50 m². Beyond that, it is better to choose a wall or fixed air conditioner. If you choose a monoblock model, your air conditioner should be placed near a window to allow the exhaust pipe to pass through. For a split model, the indoor unit will be connected to the outdoor unit by a flat duct. It is therefore important to place it near a door or window for facilitate the passage of the sheath. Do not put your air conditioner in front of a bed or sofa because it is very unpleasant to receive air in the face. Be sure to leave a free space around the air conditioner to ensure proper operation.

Price of a mobile air conditioner

The air conditioner is one of the cheapest air conditioners on the market. For a monobloc model, count about 250 euros. The split model is more expensive but it is also more efficient and much quieter since the compressor is in the outdoor unit. Count between 600 and 1400 euros for a mobile split air conditioner.

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