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The mobile home is among the most popular leisure homes of French families who are more likely to purchase it. Main reason? Its price, highly attractive. Back on this affordable and transportable holiday home.

Mobile homes and holiday homes

Mobile homes and holiday homes

What does the term mobile home mean?

A mobile home is by definition a leisure residence, mobile (hence the term mobile home that means mobile home in English) and transportable. The mobile home is only for recreation to know that you can not live there in the year. It is in some ways a second home, or a holiday home, transportable.
With the mobile home, no need for a building permit: he settles, necessarily, in a campsite or in a residential park of leisures.

To note: it is forbidden to install the mobile home on private land.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the mobile home?

The success of the mobile home comes mainly from its affordable price: when you buy, the mobile home is almost two times cheaper than a traditional holiday home. On the other hand, because of its location in a camping or recreational park, you do not pay no local taxes or housing tax.
However you must know that many other costs are your responsibility. To be able to install your mobile home in a campsite or a service park, you will have to pay:

  • an entrance fee to the campsite or to the selected residential services park
  • a monthly rent at the campsite or at the residential park in which your mobile home is installed. Although this one belongs to you, it is rare to be able to buy and thus to own a campground or a residential park... You will therefore have to pay a rent.
  • expenses relating to the use of the land such as electricity, water or the services offered by the campsite or the residential services park
  • a tourist tax to pay to the city in which is the campsite or the service park where your mobile home is installed

In return for the land, you finally have the obligation to maintain your plot and ensure it (like any other rented accommodation).

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