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Want to change the decor in your living room and modernize? To achieve this, you do not need to spend a fortune or use the hottest architects of the moment. By carefully choosing the colors, the furniture and getting rid of the superfluous, your living room takes on a contemporary and resolutely modern appearance.

A modern living room: decoration and possible amenities

A modern living room: decoration and possible amenities

Contemporary living room: the dominant colors

As for ready-to-wear, the decor is governed by the fashion and trends of the moment. In terms of colors, some self-imposed to create a contemporary atmosphere. As the predominant color, prefer sober and elegant tones such as brown and taupe or powdered colors for the sofa for example. Dare more pronounced colors like cherry red or duck blue in small touches to play the contrast card. Do not hesitate to paint a piece of wall in a different color to create a visual break between the living room and the living room or with the open kitchen. Trendy colors are petrol blue, apricot, orangey red, khaki, yellow, gray or pastel colors.

The importance of furniture

For create a modern living room, the furniture obviously holds an important place. Favor simple, minimalist lines and fall for a sleek sofa or lacquered furniture. Adopt contemporary lighting that combines metal and geometric shapes. Do not forget the floor by dressing a shaggy carpet for example. A must-see, he creates on his own an ultra-modern and warm atmosphere. Place mirrors where you can to give an impression of space and highlight the lighting of the room.

How to build a modern living room?

If you want to change the decor of your living room and give it a contemporary touch, it is not mandatory to spend a fortune. Sometimes it takes just a few simple steps to get there. Start with to clear the space keeping only the furniture needed for storage. Privilege low furniture and remove the high elements of the dressers for example.
Bring in the light by removing curtains and kisses and posing fine curtains or Japanese panels. If your budget allows, have a large bay window. Also rev up your furniture by removing doors and handles to lighten the entire decor. Feel free to repaint the furniture in more trendy colors or to upholster your armchairs with a geometric patterned fabric. On the ground floor, opt for an effect tile (slate, polished concrete) or vinyl flooring imitation parquet.

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