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To give style to this house, located in a pleasant neighborhood and built with quality materials, some interventions are required.

Modernize the appearance of a pavilion

Modify the shapes of the house


In order to open the reception rooms on the intermediate level, the left window is replaced by a French window and the garage cover with a terrace. At the level of the attic, a band of roof is deposited. This sub-slope surface turns into a private terrace for the parental suite. The kiosk that hosts the kitchen at the intermediate level will be headed, on the last level, by a gardener. The old awning is replaced by a simple coated cap.

Modernize the appearance of a pavilion: modernize

In front of the house, the floor is redone in terracotta slab on the left two-thirds for traffic and parking.

Modernize the appearance of a pavilion: modernize

The terraces, like the steps of the stairs, are covered with a slatted sober stone. Elegant and easy to maintain.

Modernize the appearance of a pavilion: house

The remaining third on the right in front of the house is vegetated with low beds.

Renovate the color of the facade

The coating of the facade is renovated with a real white. To mark the new volumes, the house and the top floor of the house are differentiated by a coating of another color (brown supported, for example) or by a wooden cladding. On the ground floor, the openings are enlarged to allow light to penetrate more generously, and equipped with translucent glass or glass bricks.

Modernize the appearance of a pavilion: pavilion

To add a natural touch, a wooden cladding can partially cover the facade.

Modernize the appearance of a pavilion: pavilion

Two colors are enough to bring out the volumes of the house.

Look inside

Dressed in its new image, the house must be inside what it promises outside. The equipment is redesigned. In the living room, the staircase leading to the attic is replaced by a metal model. The bay window must be able to retract completely to leave the free passage. An aluminum folding French door is installed. The entrance door is replaced by an oculus model that will let the light filter through.


With its set of rectangular shapes, this doorway harmonizes with the style of the facade as well as a contemporary interior design.

Modernize the appearance of a pavilion: appearance

Comfortable and modern, this metal staircase will liven up the entrance of the house.

Modernize the appearance of a pavilion: level

The folding patio door allows to completely free the space and to leave free access to the terrace.

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