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Following the development of my floor, I modified my instalation of gas heating. I had until then an umbrella system with traps at the top of the system. So I deleted this system that bothered me to create my rooms (suspended ceilings) and I went into Per with a system of nourissse. Since, my heating does not work well and I have radiators even next to the food that does not heat and other that are burning. I put my traps above the level of the radiators. Can you advise me and give me the way to solve this problem? I also intend to change my boiler and put a boiler with suction and condensation (because it will be located in the kitchen which is equipped with a VMC). Can you tell me the most interesting brands.

I am sorry to send you to a heating, because it is not possible to judge the problem from a distance.

For boilers, "Viessmann" is probably the best, see also "Geminox" or "De Dietrich".

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