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We have a house of 2 floors, but the problem is located on the ground floor in a north-east facing room, we have the walls, all around the room, which are wet at 15cm and we get the impression that the Floor tile joints that are gray become a little white. My husband went down to see the crawlspace which is dry but under the insulated slab of polystyrene there are droplets of water. Can you tell us where the problem might be?

The simple condensation present (drops of water on the outer side of the polystyrene) should not create the kind of concern you describe. If the load-bearing walls are more attacked than others by this humidity, it can be then capillary rise, and this, despite the presence of the crawl space. If the watertightness was poorly made and no streak of arase was posed without discontinuity along the walls, the problem certainly comes from there. To reinforce the watertightness of your house, it would have been necessary, in addition to the establishment of the cut of capillarity, to double the buried walls with a waterproof coating (bituminous coating). You have to disburse around the house, drain and reinforce the watertightness at this level.

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