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I have a serious concern for humidity, (other owners have this concern) I own an apartment in a building that is at least 50 years old, exposed to the southwest, I had a veranda ( 4.12.4 Cekal) 3 leaves in 2003. All exterior facade walls are damaged. How to deal with this problem effectively? As you often say, you have to find the source of the problem. Around double glazed window frames are also affected, despite a daily ventilation. A clarification please: being a problem (general) Can I intervene: -About my control? -From my dealer because ventilation level I have a small rod is it normal and sufficient? -In my home insurance? Can you advise me for a dehumidifier? You often conjure up the window fan what exactly and can I put one on?

As you are aware in view of your email, everything is related to a problem of ventilation. It's not enough to air every day!

Ask the person who sold you the veranda. Install a window aerator or wall extractor. You can mitigate the problem with a large-capacity electric dehumidifier, connectable on a brand exhaust: Supra, Delonghi, alpatec.

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