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How to solve permanently humidity problems in an apartment installed in a former garage in Nice and not having a crawl space?

To solve a problem of humidity in this kind of room, we must first find the origin. You suppose that the absence of crawlspace is the cause of your problems: it may be the case. But it can also be hair lifts, without a direct link with a lack of crawlspace. It can also be problems of condensation, related to a lack of air renewal. The causes can also be combined. For all these reasons, it seems useful to call on a professional of the architect, design office or project manager, who can, after visiting the premises, establish a diagnosis and define the possible remedies. Only then will you be able to call upon a specialized company, depending on the proposed solutions. In the meantime, clean up your room with an electric dehumidifier of good power, connected if possible to an evacuation so as not to have to empty the tank regularly.

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