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Wall moisture problems: adapted treatments

Painting that breaks up and falls apart, stains on the wallpaper... These degradations of the interior coatings are often caused by moisture problems. To fight and limit the damage, Toupret offers two products: the Humistop plaster to treat the wet rooms of the house and the walls covered with saltpeter and the Humi-block plaster to treat the raw interior and exterior walls.

Fight against the moisture of interior walls

Prepare the wall
Clear the surface of all its defects, peeling paint, peeling pieces... with a scraper or spatula. In the case of a wall covered with wallpaper, start by taking off the wall all over the surface. Remove any residue and dust off the surface.
Apply the plaster
Apply with a roll or a flat Humistop brush on the surface of the wall by crossing the passes. The product should be applied until the surface of the wall is saturated.
Pass the second layer
Count 8h of drying before repeating the operation. Drop a thinner layer. Allow a good day to dry before sanding and painting.

Fight the moisture of rough walls and exterior walls

Prepare the Humi-block plaster
Pour the product gently into a container filled with water (1 part water for 5 parts powder). Mix to obtain a uniform texture. Intended for rough surfaces, stone, breeze block, brick, raw concrete... Humi-block is used on interior and exterior walls.
Spread the coating
Put the coating in a generous layer over the entire surface. Hide all imperfections. Use a trowel to make the application easier. After 12 to 24 hours of drying, check the condition of the wall and apply a second so-called finishing coat.
Apply the smoothing plaster
Prepare the coating by dosing it at a rate of 4 volumes of plaster per 1 volume of water. Spread the coating over the entire surface with a large brush. Cross pass. Allow at least 24 hours to dry before decorating the wall.


Toupret offers a wide range of fund preparation coatings and decorative coatings for DIYers and professionals. Innovative products to treat, repair, repair holes and cracks, renovate and even and smooth before painting.

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