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We have a mold problem in a corner of the ceiling of a room on the first floor, mold that also extends into the corner of the ceiling in the next room equipped with VMC. The house is 7 years old and above the ceiling is insulating + frame of the roof and roof above. What do you advise us to do? Should we call on our insurance and involve damage insurance or work with a company to treat the apparent humidity?

What you describe is more like infiltration than condensation in the room, especially if your CMV system is working properly. On the other hand, it could be an infiltration of condensation water from the VMC linked to a lack of insulation of the ducts in the attic, the infiltration possibly occurring at a junction between the duct and the duct. stuffy. Have the VMC checked by the company that installed it.

Also check the tightness of the roof and play damage insurance because you have had the excellent reflex to subscribe. Talk to your insurer and not the company.

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