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Why do the BBC house builders in Lozère (altitude 1000 m) do not offer Monomur bricks? Only brick of 20 with polystyrene insulation and placo BA 13? They say that the Monomur in 37 does not pass for BBC certifications and that there are risks of external and internal cracks. In addition they say that there will be thermal bridges when it will be necessary to bleed for electric wires among others. When we can not find a plasterer can we put plaster tiles or placo on monomur without losing its qualities? Thank you kindly answer me quickly because I have to decide very quickly in the choice of materials.

Maybe you should consult another manufacturer. My implementation of the Monomur brick requires specific skills that yours may not have. The BBC certification is related to the waterproofness of the building (which requires a very precise assembly of bricks) and its ability to consume a minimum of energy, thus insulation.To meet the requirements of the BBC standard, the brick 37.5 must be combined with interior insulation (usually 10 cm glass wool) + BA13. In principle, the 50 "brick is without insulation. It can then be worry-free coated with a lime mortar on the inside that will allow the brick to breathe and keep all its technical properties. Its implementation requires serious competence, especially to avoid thermal bridges at the doorframes.

To know everything about the BBC label, visit the EFFINERGIE website, where you will find answers to your questions.

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