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We own a 4-room apartment equipped with Bubendorff mechanical shutters. The cranks of these are broken regularly. We want to solve this problem by automating the shutters. Knowing that we have 4 French windows and 2 windows of different sizes. Which brand do you recommend? Do you have a serious address to recommend?

Several brands share a large part of the market for the automation of shutters including FRANCE-FERMETURES and SOMFY. You can consult our page MOTORIZATION OF SHUTTERS IN KIT which can answer your request at first. Operators with radio control exist nowadays and are much more practical in renovation, you can consult our sheet on the site which treats this subject: RADIO MOTORIZATION FOR EXISTING SHUTTERS. If you have an ecologist fiber, solar models are now available on the market, a record SHUTTERS ROLLERS: ENERGY SAVING SYSTEMS deals with this subject. Contact a professional in your area who will advise you the best to motorize your shutters according to their size, their weight and your aspirations.

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