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Solar motor for gate and garage door

It is now possible to maneuver the gates and garage doors by a solar motor, with great simplicity of installation.

Advantages of Solarset solar system

Advantages of Solarset solar system

It is an ecological solution, as powerful as a motor powered by the sector.

  • Simple to install: no trench
  • Powerful: autonomy of more than one month without sun, fast opening
  • More energy savings: free and clean solar energy

Operation and installation of Solarset

Associated with a compatible motor (contact the brand for the compatibility of motors with SGA arm systems), SolarSET comes in the form of a true solar power kit. The photovoltaic panel captures solar energy and transmits it to two batteries that store it to power the motorization of a gate or a garage door.
Once the batteries are fully charged, you have more than one month of continuous operation, no difference compared to a mains connection. And besides, it's ecological!

Solar motor for gate and garage door: gate

Simplified installation

You do not have a trench to dig, holes to drill or cables to connect.

  • Connection by quick connector.
  • Link cable 10 m long allowing the choice of the location of the different elements.
  • Pre-set orientation angle of the solar panel for optimum energy recovery.

Solarset won the 2009 Home Trophy!

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