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Electric shutters allow different types of insulation including thermal and acoustic insulation. For ease of opening and closing shutters, there are motorized electric shutters. However, these have the disadvantage of breaking down. But what kind of failures can affect the proper functioning of motorized shutters and what to do in such a situation?

Motorized shutter down

Motorized shutter down

The different types of shutter failure

If you have a motorized shutter, you are unfortunately not immune to failures that can alter the winding and unwinding of the shutter. It is important to know where the failure comes from to know what level of repair will be required.

The most common failures are related to the undernourishment of the shutter: indeed, if the number of amperes is below what should receive the shutter, the system can not work. It can also be a engine problem. Motorized shutters have a braking device that keeps the roller shutter in the trunk. If this braking device is damaged, it no longer performs its function and the flap that should remain wrapped in the trunk when it is open is no longer retained and unwinds. Moreover, there may be a more ordinary failure that is only related to the fact that a power failure occurred.

What to do in case of breakdown?

In the event of a small breakdown of a motorized shutter, it is possible to call on a professional when it is not possible to detect it or repair the shutter yourself. If the failure is easily detectable and is only minimal, it is possible to repair the shutter itself.
Until the shutter is repaired, there are backup solutions to open it and close it anyway. When an electric shutter is available, it is essential to have the possibility of acting manually in the event of a breakdown. This materializes in particular by the presence ofa rescue ring. The latter will allow to wind and unwind the shutter if the electrical system of it no longer works. If it is a simple power failure such as a power failure for example, it is possible to replace the battery with another backup that will take over the first failed until the power recovery electric.

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