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Fit a gate pillar

Essential to support your portal, the pillars must be reliable and solid. For your convenience, you will find ready-to-install kits. Still need to know how to use it.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A shovel
A pickaxe
A trowel
A trough
A spirit level
A hammer
One meter
A drill with adapted drills.
Plastic consistency concrete
A chaining post of the same height as your pillar

Step 1: Prepare the foundation of the pillar

Dig a hole about 50cm deep by 50cm on the side of the pillar.
Put up the chaining post of your loot.
Then fill the concrete pit and then level it with a trowel.
Let it dry for at least three days.

Fit a gate pillar: portal

Put in place the first element of the pillar and then check its plumb with the spirit level. If it is not right, correct the shot by tapping on the hammer. Be careful not to hit the bricks too hard to prevent them from breaking.

Step 2: Mount the pillar

Fit a gate pillar: gate

Stack one after another the prefabricated elements of the pillar. There is no need for a seal, the elements are secured only by their interlocking.

Step 3: Fill the pillar

With the spirit level, make sure the pillar is straight. If necessary rectify with blows of hammer.
Then fill the pillar with plastic consistency.

Fit a gate pillar: your

Spread the top of your pillar and let the concrete dry for a few days.
Trowel a bed of mortar about 2 cm high.
Finally, seal the cap of the pillar in the mortar.

Step 4: Fix the hinges of the gate

Fit a gate pillar: gate

Drill your pillar with a tungsten carbide drill.
Then screw the hinge plate onto one of the rods of the chaining post.
You can also fix the hinge in the concrete with expansion anchors adapted to the weight of your gate.

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