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The connection between two cables via a socket and the plug creates a break. To avoid transmission problems, the mounting of the plug F must be perfect.

mounting a TV F-card

Cover and block the wire

first put the outer shell of the plug F

On the prepared cable, first thread the outer shell of the plug. Then the central cartridge on the copper wire.
Tighten the plastic nut to lock the wire.

Place the metal plates

Placing the metal plates of the F-plug

The plug has two metal plates. Place them on each side of the central cartridge.
Check that the strands of the metal braid are grouped and touch the two plates.

Tighten and lock the antenna wire

Thread the screw ring onto the metal plates of the plug F

Thread the screw ring onto the metal plates. Slide the outer shell, then screw it on the ring.
The tightening causes the blocking of the antenna wire by means of anti-tearing claws.

In addition to the conventional coaxial plug, there are plugs to screw. Locked by a ring, the connection with the plug is stronger. The transmission is more reliable, especially with gold-plated contacts. This type of card is recommended to build a network or if you encounter reception difficulties.

Video Instruction: How to fit a TV Connector Plug onto a Coaxial AERIAL Cable