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Decorative under a basin, the chrome siphon avoids to see the PVC tubes. But his pose must be neat.

Diagram of a basin and its system of supply and evacuation of water

Evacuation of a basin

  • The drain pipe must come out of the wall about 60 - 65 cm from the floor and in the siphon axis.

Cutting an exhaust pipe

  • Cut the PVC drain pipe flush with the wall, using a thin blade saw.

To install the bung of a basin

  • Equip the basin with its bung and put it in place.
  • Do not forget the elastomer washer.

Screw a siphon

  • Under the plane, screw the chrome ring that holds the basin.
  • Screw firmly, without forcing on the glass.

Laying a water outlet

  • The chrome tube slides into the drain pipe.
  • To seal, a silicone seal is enough.

Installation of a water outlet rosette

  • The rosette ensures a perfect finish by concealing the PVC tube and fitting with the chrome tube.

Installing a telescopic siphon

  • Fit the siphon on the tube.
  • The telescopic part can be adjusted from 5 to 8 cm under the wash surface.

Connecting a siphon

  • Connect the siphon to the sink drain.
  • Think of screw rings and rubber seals.

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