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Mosaic mirror wall installation

It is often difficult to achieve a harmonious decor on rounded surfaces, because they require malleable materials, likely to adapt to this particular form. The mirror mosaics, consisting of slats presented on a fabric support, adapt to various forms. In addition, they are easy to install: just stick the fabric support on the surface to be covered.

Necessary material

  • Metre
  • Cutter
  • Flat brush
  • Contact glue

Mosaic mirror wall installation: installation

Mirror mosaics are sold in plates that rarely correspond to the surface to be covered.
To cut them to the desired dimensions, turn them over so that they work directly on the fabric.
Cut it with a cutter following one of the grooves formed by connecting two slats of mirrors.
Each mosaic plate consists of an assembly of slats of about 1 cm each side.
Simply remove the superfluous mosaic strips to give the coating the desired dimensions.

Mosaic mirror wall installation: mosaic

Gluing the coating
After calibrating the coating, glue the fabric with a special glue.
Make sure that it is adapted to the nature of the support intended to receive the mosaic.
Spread an even layer of glue over the entire surface of the fabric, using a flat brush, called "cod tail".

Mosaic mirror wall installation: mirror

Setting up the mosaic
Apply the coating to the surface to be covered.
The pose on a pillar is very simple: the fabric, while bending, gradually marries the convex shape of the column.
The slats of mirrors are put in place without difficulty. If the surface to be covered is concave (that is, curved inwards), it is not necessary to glue the mosaic strips one by one.
A little tip solves the problem: a simple bath in which we dip the plate of mirrors relaxes the support fabric; it is easy then to install the coating. The installation of mosaic on a flat surface poses no particular problem.

Mosaic mirror wall installation: mosaic

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