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As a reminder, a heat pump is a device that draws heat outside (in the air or in the ground) to spread it in a home. To optimize the operation of the heat pump or because of other constraints, it is possible that a displacement must be made. How to proceed and what are the precautions to take?

Can we move a heat pump?

The answer is yes. The real question that needs to be asked is: "Is the displacement of the heat pump really indispensable? ". Indeed, this operation involves many constraints at the technical level. Moreover, this type of operation should only be supported by a professional installer specialized in this field, given the many manipulations to be performed. Indeed, it is necessary to completely disassemble the heat pump which constitutes a whole complete and complex.

In addition to the heat pump, we must also think to the compressor, to the condenserr without forgetting the different connections, connections and conduits. More importantly, these different elements are not installed in the same place while being related to each other. Some are outdoors, others indoors and there are those who cross the house (passing through walls and / or floors). It is therefore necessary to completely rethink the installation and layout of the space. A movement of movement of a heat pump is comparable, from the point of view of the constraints, to a new installation of the pump, but sometimes more complicated.

Why and how to move a heat pump?

Before starting to move a heat pump, it is necessary to analyze the interest then the feasibility of this project. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from a qualified heating / refrigeration specialist who will direct you to the best solution for the situation.

As for the way the work will be done, it is necessary to disassemble everything before you can put everything back in another place. And it is essential to ensure that the heat pump is installed in the best conditions and in a secure way. Once the disassembly is done, the assembly must be moved knowing that it is rather heavy equipment: the use of lifting equipment greatly facilitates the task.

Before moving a heat pump, it is essential to know exactly how to dismantle the equipment and take safety measures with respect to the electric cables and the pipes carrying the refrigerant (whose handling requires a specific authorization).

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