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How to move 1 meter a wall outlet that is fixed on BA13?

Attention, everything that touches the field of electricity meets strict standards (NF C 15-100). Turn off the power at the main breaker or the circuit breaker protecting the relevant socket circuit.
Everything depends on whether you put this socket one meter lower on the circuit or if it is necessary to extend it, there the safety rules will still have to be respected. You also do not specify what type of device will be plugged into this jack.
In any case, you must replace the existing plug with a junction box, and extend the installation with conductors of the same color and section (1.5 or 2.5 mm2), progerated under sheath or under baton depending on theelectrical installation is recessed behind the BA13 or apparent under wand. For recessed installation, take a hole saw from the diameter of the housing of the unit, recess the housing, connect the plug (not to mention the ground) and tighten the screws spreading the claws holding the device.

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