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Aimed at the occasional handyman, who does not yet have power tools, the "Decormate" offers the functions of a triangular pad vibrating sander, a screwdriver and an electric spatula designed to scrape old paint or paint. glue residue.

Multifunction tool


Reference: MT3000K
Suggested price: 99,99 Euros
Power: 80 W
Spatula function: 8,500 cps / min, travel length: 2 mm
Sanding function: 8,500 orbits / min, orbit ø 2 mm
Screwing / unscrewing function: 9 Nm, 250 rpm, quick-connect mandrel
Cable length: 3 m
Weight: with 1.3 kg screwdriver, with 1.25 kg sanding head, with 1.25 kg spatula head
Equipment: 2 spatulas, 1 claw for painting, 1 hand scraper, 2 abrasives, 1 special rust pad, 3 tips and 2 pilot wicks. Comes in plastic box with handle and removable lid.
Guarantee: 2 years
This information first appeared on System D magazine in 2006: products and prices may have changed since then.

Getting started
The setting up and dismounting of the heads, at each change of function, is very simple. If necessary, a slight pressure on the trigger to turn the motor shaft is enough to put the gear teeth in the opposite direction. In screwing version, the mounting of a tip is a simple formality... But the reverser of the direction of rotation requires to strongly press a button during the movement of the small rocker. For all functions, the device must be held with both hands if you want to work effectively.
Sanding is effective if the machine is held securely with both hands and squeezed lightly on the sanding head. In scraping function, the spatulas make it possible to eliminate glue residues and other asperities. However, the reversible blade scraper, which acts a bit like a scraper, lacks precision on a soft surface like wood. Just put enough pressure on the tool to scrape the surface, but not too much at the risk of digging. The screwing does not lack strength, but offers no progressivity: no modulation of the speed by the trigger or torque setting.


  • For a reasonable price, you have a versatile machine, which covers the basic sanding and screwing needs, with the added bonus of scraping. A good gift idea for the holidays!


  • The screwdriver suffers from the absence of torque adjustment for delicate screwdrivings (kit furniture assembly). Scraping an old painting requires fingering on a soft surface.


Not easy to be good everywhere, especially when you combine three different functions. We sometimes condemn ourselves to being only average in certain areas... But the versatility of the tool is already a performance.

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Black & Decker multifunction tool

Black & Decker multifunction tool

Black & Decker multifunction tool

Black & Decker multifunction tool

Black & Decker multifunction tool

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