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Many possibilities are possible to embellish this exterior wall. You can choose to dress a mural to transform the facade into a work of art! The ideal is to entrust the realization of the mural to a specialist in the field.

Customize the facade of your house!

To paint a mural on the facade of your house allows to make a artistic creation. Several effects can be created. The fresco can be abstract with graphics or arabesques or be figurative with the representation of objects, landscapes or characters.

In terms of style, the possibilities are many: street-art, fantastic pattern, pop-art, trompe-l'œil effect or ordinary everyday images (window, balcony, flower...).

Today, the models are numerous and catalogs allow you to choose your design or even to create a custom fresco. And if one day you want to find a more classic and neutral facade, it's easy, just repaint!

On which support?

Contrary to popular belief, the brick facade is not the only one that can be embellished with a fresco. This type of ornamental paint can be applied to other types of substrates such as concrete, cement wall or plaster. With regard to execution, it is preferable to entrust the task to a painter, in this case a mural painter who ideally possesses talents of graphic designer and designer.

The creation of the facade fresco

Whatever the support, the preparation of the wall is essential for a perfect result. The graphic designer makes sure, at first, that the support is healthy and clean. For this, he will proceed to deep cleaning of the wall to reveal any imperfections and take the necessary measures: treatment against moisture, repointing, filling cracks, sanding walls... In any case, the surface must be perfect for a result both aesthetic and that will last in time.

As for the painting itself, it is a specific product that is used. The painting has a pasty texture, both thicker and more elastic than that usually used for interior walls. It can withstand multiple external aggressions (sun rays, rain, snow, hail, pollution...).

The painter begins by tracing a draft graphics, shapes or images to create often with templates and / or stencils. Note that additional products like aerosol and spray gun can be used to optimize the result. Creating a mural on the front of your house usually ends with the application a finishing varnish for a perfect outfit.

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